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It’s your special day. You want to remember it forever, and you want those memories to be beautiful. But you also want to enjoy the day itself. You don’t want to spend the whole day posing, saying “Cheese!” and running from one ‘shoot’ to the next.


As a professional wedding photographer, that’s how I see it too. I’m there to record the event and capture the memories, not to be a nuisance or to be the star of the show! In fact, you’ll hardly even know I’m there. You’ll have all the time and space you need to catch up with friends and family, enjoy your dinner, have a few drinks and live the moment.


In reality, that’s when the best photos happen. When it’s candid, and you’re not feeling pressured to take ‘the shot of the day’. (Funnily enough, when you’re relaxed and happy, you look relaxed and happy in your photos!)


Of course, that’s not to say I’m completely invisible. There are obviously going to be certain shots that require a bit of artistic direction. But I’m an easy-going guy (a true Mornington Peninsula boy), and my clients tell me they find my involvement relaxed, unobtrusive and even a bit of fun.


I don’t just click-and-shoot, either. I inspect your chosen Mornington Peninsula locations prior to the big day, and choose the unique angles and perspectives that will best suit the creative style of photography you’re after. And I take into account all the details, like the time we’ll be shooting, the number of people involved and the Mornington weather forecast. Then I plan exactly what equipment I’ll need at each spot, and have it all set up and ready to go, on arrival. So there’s no fussing around. That’s what being professional is all about, in my book.


Whether you’re on the Mornington Peninsula or somewhere else in Victoria entirely, check out my weddings gallery or view my wedding packages to see exactly what you get and how affordable I am (even if you’re on a tight budget).


A professional Wedding Photographer based on the Mornington Peninsula servicing all of Victoria.


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